Cat Café

Café des Chat adopted 8 cats from the SPCA. (Shingler, 2014)
Café des Chat adopted 8 cats from the SPCA. (Shingler, 2014)

Writing this blog has brought my inner researcher out. I have been searching the web regarding cat activities and cat related news quite often lately, and there is just so much interesting information out there. I have just discovered that there are actually cafés that are home to cats. It is mostly popular in other places around the world like Paris, however, in the last year North America has become home to their first cat Café right here in Canada. The Café des Chats Opened in August 2014 in Montreal. It is a lot like a regular café however it is home to eight cats that they have adopted from the SPCA. It has the normal décor one would see in a café plus bonus features for its feline residence such as plush toys, scratching posts, and cat trees with a great window view.

You can sit down, enjoy a coffee or tea, and play with a cat. To many cat lovers out there that is the ideal environment. It’s cozy, relaxing, and peaceful. Not to mention entertaining. I wish there was one in my community, I’d be spending much free time there. Although my own cats would probably get jealous. It is also a great way to promote adoption and help out the shelters with occupancy space.

I think this is a unique business idea, which I definitely approve of. There are most likely many disapproving benefactors out there, especially in regards to health regulations. However, I have a feeling this just a starting trend. There is already discussions of opening cat cafés in Toronto and Vancouver.

If they don’t come through with the closer to home cat café they are planning for Toronto then there is no doubt in my mind that will keep me from travelling to Quebec just to visit some cats and grab a coffee. I wonder if any of you other cat lovers out there are on the same page as me.


Shingler, B. (2014, August 31). Coffee, tea or meow? Montreal opens first cat café. Retrieved from The Star Canada:


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