Where to Shop

I previously discussed what to look for when purchasing cat food. Now I am going to let you in on some secrets on where to shop to save you money and get the best products for less. Where you buy your cat food is almost as important as the cat food you choose. Grocery stores and superstores such as Walmart don’t necessarily carry the best qualified cat foods, or the best supplies/products but they carry them at lower prices and depending on what you are shopping for they are the best place to go, not to mention convenient. For products such cat food I would suggest shopping at pet specialty stores such as PetSmart or my recommendation, Ren’s Pets Depot. There are definitely benefits to shopping at both businesses.

Benefits of shopping at PetSmart:

  • Many locations
  • PetPerks
  • Pet Services: Grooming, PetsHotel, Dog Training and day camp
  • Low Prices: Many pet stores offer a rewards program where when you purchase a set amount of pet food bags you get one free. PetSmart’s prices are already so low that it equals getting that 11th or 13th bag free.
  • Price Matching
  • Online Shopping and in-store pickup

Benefits of shopping at Ren’s Pets Depot:

  • Price Matching
  • Rewards Program:
      • Earn 1 point for every $1 you spend
      • Save $1 for every 100 points you earn
      • Frequent Buyer: Free bag after set amount (10 or 12 depending on brand)
  • Low prices
  • Online Shopping with free shipping over $60
  • Canadian

After looking at the benefits of both, many would choose PetSmart as their first choice. However other than the additional dog services and the fact that there are more locations, Ren’s to me is the better choice. If you have a Ren’s Pets Depot location near you I suggest shopping there. Ren’s rewards program earns you money back to spend in store whereas PetSmart’s Petperks only gives slight discounts on products. Ren’s will match prices to PetSmart’s products or any other business with the same product. Plus you get a free bag of food after you buy a set amount. PetSmart managers have told me that they do not provide the free bag because their prices are already so low. On the other hand Ren’s will match PetSmart’s low prices and give you the free bag of pet food. A bonus is that Ren’s Pets Depot is Canadian!

If you find any other great deals out there or would like to recommend other pet stores please leave a comment below!


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